What is The People's First Company?

The People’s First Company is a hospitality real estate focused asset management company that acquires vacation homes, short term rentals, golf courses, marinas, campgrounds, hotels, resorts, etc.

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The People’s First Company is a movement (some may say a “mission”) led by experienced entrepreneurs, venture builders, and real estate experts who have been investing and building businesses for over 20+ years.  We are building an American-based portfolio of cash flow-generating, debt-free, real estate assets.  We firmly believe in the power of collective action and the ability to achieve more together.

Who Can Join Us?


We are utilizing the regulation crowdfunding securities exemptions that allows everyone to be able to participate no matter their accreditation status. This means that people can own an equity stake in this company for an investment as low as $200.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to change the status quo and offer everyone the opportunity to own equity in this asset class no matter how much money they have to invest or their accreditation status.No longer shall access to private alternatives only be available for the wealthy elite!

Our Goal

Our goal is to crowdfund $100 million dollars from the general public and acquire appreciating and cash flowing hospitality assets around the world with zero debt. Yeah, you read that right! We’re going to pay cold hard cash for every property that we acquire!

What job could be better than playing in the vacation industry and making money at the same time!

Real People Creating Real Impact

Culture Matters, People Matter, Impact Matters

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We’re taking our collective experience and building a portfolio of debt-free, cash flow generating, real estate assets.

Equal Opportunity for All

What is the difference between TPFC and a traditional REIT?

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